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Course Description

Foundation Program is the first step towards nurturing the young minds of the country. Foundation Builder course is strongly motivated to develop the inquisitiveness and curiosity of the child into a vision. This course is specially designed for ambitious students in life which prepares students for various competitive exams like NTSE, Olympiads etc.

Test Details
  • Weekly Test
  • Part Test (After completion of cluster of topic/chapter to check if student has developed the problem solving skills in topic or not).
  • Full Test (Conducted when course completes to check whether student has grasped the course and is actually benefited with the course).
Course Material
  • Booklet (Along with brief theory of topic, contains question for practice of current going topic to better understand the topic).
  • Question Bank (for revision of the topic taught earlier in the class so as to master the old topic).
  • Workshops.